Once upon a time there were two best friends named arial and helvetica. arial and helvetica were nearly twins, with both being immensely popular, gregarious, and inseparable. in fact, arial and helvetica were so much alike in manner and appearance, they were constantly victims of mistaken identity. now, this was difficult for both of them. despite being best friends, arial and helvetica maintained very different social groups which meant that often one would be invited when the invitation was actually meant for the other. the outcome of this occurrence was always a disaster. even worse still, arial and helvetica were forcibly separated to avoid confusion.

Time passed and arial and helvetica longed to be reunited. soon the longing turned to apathy and apathy turned to hatred. the realization came that their similarities meant neither could ever be unique. the friendship was severed. but deep down they still miss each other and long for the days of friendship. that is why helvetica is not a default font option in Microsoft Word, but arial is. that is why the author wrote this and is currently really upset about that I MEAN WHAT THE HELL WINDOWS HOW CAN YOU HAVE ARIAL BUT NOT HELVETICA AS A DEFAULT WE ALL KNOW HELVETICA IS BETTER DAMN YOU


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