The Italian Flying Machine


The world needs more flying machines.

The entire time I thought that what I needed was a boat, but then I thought “What good is a boat going to do me in the middle of Italy?”

That’s when I decided to build my own flying machine.

I called it The Italian Flying Machine. Then I called myself The One Crazy Enough To Fly It. Here are the images taken from my aerial adventure over Bologna.


All images were taken in Bologna, Italy in 2013. If carpentry and aeronautics are not in your skill set, this view can be enjoyed from the Due Torri (specifically Asinselli Tower which is the taller of the two towers) in the center of Bologna. There’s a pizza place called Pizzeria Due Torri right across from the towers. It’s an easy, cheap meal and surprisingly satisfying. Raise a slice up for me if you find yourself there.


Secondly, take note of the smaller tower (Garisenda Tower). It’s actually leaning precariously on its side. Don’t touch it. You might tip it over and become the sole destroyer of a 12th century historical monument. You rebel, you.


Do yourself a favor when you’re up there and really focus on all the lines and contours of the wide space. Count the windows. Close one eye and make shapes in the air as you outline the buildings and follow the rooftops with your finger. Concoct devious plans of how you would climb the facades of these architectures. Look at the city as a puzzle meant to be deciphered.

Then get out there and make some damn good memories.


||Images and words by Darlene Barahona||


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